We Are Here to Help You

Montefiore New Rochelle is proud to provide a wide spectrum of care to a diverse patient population in the southern Westchester community. Our physicians, nurses, support staff — all are committed to fostering an environment that welcomes every person who enters our doors.


Whether you are a patient at our hospital or visiting a loved one, we expect you will have questions. Here, you will find links that will help you better navigate the hospital. If you need answers beyond what is included in the links below, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Visitor Guidance

General Information

We ask visitors to follow these guidelines to ensure that the patient environment remains safe, calm and supportive of healing.

  • Please cooperate with all requests from hospital staff. There may be times when visitors are asked to temporarily leave a patient’s room or change locations while a patient is being attended to. However, visitation will never be denied based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical appearance or disability.
  • No smoking.
  • Safeguard your valuables, such as purses.
  • Protect and respect the privacy of all patients.
  • Be sensitive to the patient’s condition (and their roommate’s) and limit the visit accordingly.
  • Speak quietly and help limit noise.
  • Do not bring any electrical appliance into the hospital.
  • Check whether cell phone use is permitted in your area, as it may interfere with medical equipment.
  • Follow staff instructions in times of emergency or special alert.
  • Be aware that Montefiore New Rochelle reserves the right to inspect bags and packages being brought into or removed from the hospital.

Patient Information

If you would like a copy of your medical or imaging records or have any questions about your care, speak with us.

For care received prior to November 6, 2013, if you would like a copy of your medical or imaging records or have any questions about the care you received, such as billing issues, please call 914-365-3712 for Sound Shore Medical Center records or 914-361-6170 for Mount Vernon Hospital records.

For care received prior to October 1, 2011, if you would like a copy of your medical or imaging records, please submit your request online to MetalQuest, Inc. You can also mail your request for medical or imaging records to:

MetalQuest, Inc.
Attn: SSHS Release of Information
PO Box 46364
Cincinnati, OH 45246-0364
Phone: 513-898-1022
Fax: 513-242-5059

All radiology requests for exams prior to November 6, 2013, should be sent directly to MetalQuest. Interns, residents and former medical staff of Sound Shore Hospital System looking for credentialing information should also send their requests directly to MetalQuest.

Schaffer Extended Care Center Billing and Admissions

To contact the Admitting Office at Schaffer Extended Care Center please call 914-365-3818.

For more information or to verify insurance eligibility, please contact the Business Office at Schaffer Extended Care Center at 914-365-3840.  

Support Services

Serving Our Neighbors

Our dedication to exemplary care extends beyond the medical services we provide. It is important to ensure that patients, as well as their family and friends, receive the support they need throughout their stay and care. Talking with us is an essential part of your care.

Interpretation Services

We provide, free of charge, language interpreter services, telecommunication and amplification devices, and sign language services to persons who are deaf and/or hearing impaired. Please ask your healthcare professional for assistance.

The languages we support include Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French Creole, Korean, Italian, Yiddish, Bengali, Polish, Arabic, French, Urdu, Tagalog, Greek and Albanian.

Customer Services

You and your family are partners in your own care. Our doctors, nurses and staff want to hear how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. So ask questions, voice your concerns and don't be afraid to raise any issues relating not only to your care and treatment, but also to the overall services provided by Montefiore New Rochelle. To get the support you need, remember to:

  • Write down any questions you have.
  • Choose a family member to communicate with the doctors and staff when you can’t.
  • Keep a list of doctors you see and the medications they prescribe.

These steps will help you stay safe, get the information you need, ask the right questions and interact effectively with your doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

Step Up and Speak Up

The most positive care outcomes occur when patients are proactive. Be sure to:

Speak up. Ask questions and voice concerns. It's your body and you have a right to know.

Pay attention. Make sure you're getting the right treatments and medications.

Educate yourself. Learn about the medical tests you get and your treatment plan.

Find an advocate. Pick a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate.

Know what meds and why. Understand what medicines you take and why you take them.

Check before you go. Use a hospital, clinic, surgery center or other type of healthcare organization that meets The Joint Commission's quality standards.

Participate in your care. You are the center of the healthcare team.

Rights and Responsibilities

If you have concerns, please speak to your physician, nursing supervisor or a Patient/Family Navigator. Our privacy policy outlines your rights regarding health information about you. If you feel your concerns regarding patient care or safety have not been adequately addressed, you may call the New York State Department of Health at 1-800-804-5447.